DICOMJet is for radiology centers that are looking for savings while maintaining high quality print standards.

Today most medical institutions have adopted a fully digital diagnostic workflow: radiologists normally perform their diagnosis directly on the screen of dedicated workstations. Nevertheless, there is still the need to take medical images out of the hospital, for instance to provide copies of the exam images to the patient, or to accompany the report for the referring physician. A “hard copy” of the acquired medical images is certainly the most immediate and effective mean for most users.


The DICOMJet software solution turns your office MFP into a full feature DICOM printer. DICOMJet can receive print requests directly from modality´s console, then to translate to standard Windows print requests, and to forward them to your favorite office MFP. A system made up of a PC running DICOMJet, and an MFP fully replaces a DICOM film printer. Implies cost savings are huge, and the system pays off itself in a few weeks.